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    by Published on 07-24-2012 02:52 PM
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    It's 1987, and working at Boone Ford in Olympia Washington as a car
    washer...I tried to convince my boss that I was a detailer, but no, I was a car
    washer. Man I washed a lot of cars! Washing cars is a mindless job that affords
    a lot of time for thinking and dreaming. My time was spent thinking/dreaming
    about cars, computers, owning an auto shop, building a dragster, running a BBS,
    and girls. I can't say for certain what the order was, but they were all
    part of the equation.

    That year I was able to start doing part of my school days out at the New
    Market Skills Center in Tumwater, Washington. My teacher, Tom LaVack, helped
    make a big difference in my life. Tom helped me to build skills that fueled my
    passions and helped to turn dreams and aspirations into realities. Everything
    didn't happen overnight, but sometimes it just takes seeing the bigger picture
    to help a kid get on a more optimal track for success.

    Fast forward to May 14, 2011, and there's a car show at the Skills Center. A
    friend of mine from middle/high school now teaches the class I attended, the
    school looks the same, and the kids all had the same enthusiastic look I think
    I had for cars. The whole school was open and the robotics class was
    particularly interesting. Start to finish the kids computer design every part,
    use CNC machines to build the parts, and ultimately use C code to control the

    The car show had ~30 cars, some from students, some from the general public,
    on a day which had threats of rain but only saw sunshine mixed with a few
    clouds; a really beautiful day. Like most car shows, the opportunity to talk
    with people about the common passions around cars was not missing. More
    importantly, many of the people were younger impressionable fellas who, like
    me, likely are daydreaming about cars, racing, and probably girls. Keep on
    working hard and listening to your teachers, gents....It'll pay off for you!

    by Published on 05-03-2011 09:22 PM
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    In 1987 at the ripe age of 17, I volunteered to marshal for the 1987 Olympus Rally - A World Rally Championship race. I managed a 90 degree corner off of a 120MPH+ straight away....Keeping people off of the outside of a corner is regrettably difficult at times. Needless to say it was a great stage and some of the most amazing racing I have ever witnessed. The Lancia's ruled and the battles were intense.

    Fast forward to 2011, where I painfully get to say that I am nearly 41, and rather than marshaling a corner in a stage, I have a press pass to contribute in a different manner. It's not a WRC race, but the racing is intense, and unfortunately, still a very dangerous affair.

    The race, held near Ocean Shores in Washington State, crossed tragedy as 31-year-old driver Matthew Marker of Elk Rapids, MI did not survive injuries incurred during a bad crash. Christopher Gordon, the co-driver, survived without serious injury.

    Due to this tragic event, the national championship event was canceled beyond stage 6 (results stood with the times after that stage), with the winner being Subaru Rally Team USA’s David Higgins and Craig Drew of the United Kingdom.

    In addition to the tragedy on the track, a spectator nearly died of alcohol poisoning on Saturday, with numerous emergency crews arriving to the scene.

    Sunday brought more great racing, though the national championship contenders were not out on the track. My wife and I found our way to the beginning part of the stage to set up for photo/video, where my monopod head broke and left me hand holding a 300 2.8l, which was not a lot of fun. The racing was fast and furious and left an enthusiast and his wife thoroughly entertained, dirty, and with photo/video memories to last a lifetime. We did get one extra gift along the way....or should I say my wife. A deer tick found it's way to her shoulder and had a meal without permission.

    Looking forward to the 2012 Olympus Rally!

    More photos in the gallery.
    by Published on 05-01-2011 10:43 PM
    1. AutoMotoMedia

    Thankfully the driver and co-driver were ok. Their Subaru Impreza was not in the same condition.

    Nearing the end of the final stage of the 2011 Olympus Rally, Driver Daniel Rockrohr & Co-Driver Eve Thomason miss communicated/interprited heading into a corner.

    I captured the video just prior to the accident and made my way to the aftermath several minutes later. My tripod broke, so I apologize for the jittery first part - Handheld 300 2.8l

    Irony...I love it! Read the trunk lid!

    by Published on 03-08-2011 12:02 AM
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    AutoMotoMedia - You've arrived here for a reason, whether intentional or by the luck of the interwebs vast possibilities. Either way, my hope is that you consider this place home because your passion for cars and motorcycles are only preceded by your passion for beautiful photo/video of cars and motorcycles. You and I know that taking pictures, regardless of subject, is not simply a point and shoot experience. We’re serious about our craft whether amateur or professional and wait anxiously as we review a days work, looking for that winner that can be shared with the world or framed for our walls.

    Brent in his element at the corkscrew at the Monterey Historics.

    For me, cars/motorcycles and photography intersected about 10 years ago, and the passion for both extend into my daily life. I run www.clubcobra.com www.clubhotrod.com www.usafiat500.com www.clubchopper.com ….With these large communities, I have been able to express my creativity through photo and video over the years, but not to the extent I would have liked, and that brings us here. A meld of the two passions that I know so many of us share, AutoMotoMedia is an expression of creativity, art, and beauty in something manmade that has been inspiring photographers since the inception of motorized vehicles.

    I welcome you all in to share your pictures and your videos, share you insights, ask questions to grow your skills, talk about new photo/video products, and of course, talk about cars. There’s much to learn and much to share, and I look forward to seeing and hearing from you as we grow a community of likeminded enthusiast and professional photo/video hounds with a brain malfunction that makes us think about cars and bikes all day long.

    Enjoy the site, and drop me a note if you have suggestions for improving it.

    -Brent Mills
    by Published on 01-30-2011 06:05 PM
    1. AutoMotoMedia

    Fiat has indicated that by the End of March, the amazing little Fiat 500 will be at 50 dealers and 130 dealers by the end of the year. It has been said that the base model "POP" will retail for $15,500, while the sport will begin at $17,500. Later, it is expected that a cabrio moel and of course, the one thing I personally am waiting for, the Abarth model.

    Beyond the release of further 500 models, there is of course the possibility that other Fiat models, as well as other brands under the Fiat name such as Alfa Romeo, will begin sales in the US.

    Laura Soave, who heads up the Fiat brand marketing efforts in the USA was quoted as saing, "We need to weave ourselves into American culture". Let me suggest that one of the best ways to weave yourself into American culture is to encourage owners and enthusiasts to organize and flourish through the passions articulated here at USA Fiat 500 Club, and expressed through spirited drives, organized events, and strong relationships built here and there in the real US of A.

    Let us all be a part of building a successful reintroduction here....I look forward to seeing our group swell, as the enthusiasm for the retro 500 grows over coming months and years.
    by Published on 01-28-2011 02:04 PM
    1. AutoMotoMedia

    For many here in the great old USA, the name Fiat is hardly recognizable and for others, it carries with it an historical record of letting you down at the wrong time. Most have heard the phrase "Fix It Again Tony" (FIAT). There are however, many Fiat lovers here in the US and I am one of them. Ironically, I had a mechanic friend who specialized in Fiat's and Ferrari's, and his name? Tino. For me "Fix It Again Tino" seems most appropriate.

    2011 ushers in a new Fiat; one that promises to leave behind the aforementioned reputation and build an enthusiast base far beyond the Fiat USA of old. That's where the USA Fiat 500 (http://www.usafiat500.com ) club comes into play....The plan is to build a free and large community of Fiat 500 owners and enthusiasts. Together we'll share, learn, customize, race, cruize, and most importantly we'll get to know a bunch of great people we wouldn't have ever met or conversed with if it weren't for a single car, built by Fiat, the 500.

    Please take a moment to register, share your story, and participate in building this club. Should you have a desire to host a local Fiat 500 club, please let me know and I'll create a forum area for your group to grow free of charge. The local clubs have been successful with other car clubs I have created www.clubcobra.com www.clubhotrod.com www.clubchopper.com www.automotomedia.net .



    Brent Mills